Heading North!
Finally, we’re on the road!  We set off from our local Starbuck’s before 8:00 this morning, heading north to Oregon.  The scenery was lovely, but today was more about covering miles...  We passed through the State of Jefferson; zipped by Ashland, Oregon; and stopped for lunch at the Canyon Cyber Cafe in Canyonville, Oregon.
We had originally planned to stop in Roseburg for the night, but greatly underestimated our progress for the day.  At about 1:00 pm, we passed Roseburg, wondering if we could make it all the way to Portland, Oregon, today.  If so, we would get to the ferry dock before the weekend (and before the weekend crowds).
So, we kept going, stopping to stretch a few times, until we actually made it to Portland -- about 420 miles from home.  The trouble was, we got there at rush hour, and spent about an hour in stop-and-go traffic before we could relax and start looking for a hotel.  By the time we found one, we had crossed the border to Vancouver, Washington!  For our first trip on Harley this year, this was a long, long day.
Tomorrow, we’ll head for the other Washington border...
Wednesday, July 8, 2009
Rest stops are just for taking pictures
Do I look like I’m on vacation?
A great lunch in Canyonville...