Thanksgiving Day
It was a nice, easy day.  We had a late breakfast, finished the laundry, and worked on the website.  Before we knew it, it was time to get ready for dinner.  We switched from jeans and boots to dress-up clothes and left for the monorail about 3:30 pm.
Cathy’s new shoes were a good idea.  We had to walk several blocks to get to the train, and about a mile at the other end -- most of it through the Venetian hotel.  It seems they have it planned so you have to walk by all of the expensive Grand Canal Shoppes to get to St. Mark’s Square (and our restaurant).
The square itself is amazing.  It’s a stylized reproduction of the real thing in Venice, Italy, complete with clock tower, Doge’s palace, and a painted ceiling that ensures it’s always daylight in the piazza.  The area is complete with bridges over the Grand Canal, cobblestone paving, and live entertainment.  There’s a great musical trio, living statues, and wandering minstrels and jugglers.
Dinner was wonderful -- from the crostini antipasto to the chicken canneloni to the entrees (salmon for Ron, veal scallopine for Cathy).
We topped off the evening with a gondola ride, complete with singing gondolier, and a walk down the Las Vegas Boulevard.
Thursday, November 22, 2007
On the way to dinner, we head to the MGM Grand to catch the monorail
Dressed for dinner
Living statue in St. Mark’s Square
Walking back to the monorail after dinner, enjoying the lights of the Strip