Just Kickin’ Back
Today was relaxing and uneventful.  Our two major projects were laundry and shoe shopping.  Laundry is a given, but shoe shopping?
It finally dawned on Cathy that the new high heels she bought to get dressed up for dinner will not stand up to the mile we have to walk to get from the monorail to the restaurant.  After several false starts and a hectic ride on Harley, we found a new Wal-Mart and a great pair of bronze Mary Janes.  Cathy’s decided she’ll carry the dressy shoes in the cute shopping bag we got from the Verizon store yesterday....
After we finished our chores, we rode the monorail to the Bellagio to watch the fountain display.  We munched on fabulous pastries at a little cafe.  Then we walked to Treasure Island -- only to find out that the pirate ship show was closed for repairs.  
We decided to find a shortcut to Canaletto -- the restaurant we picked for Thanksgiving dinner.  There is no shortcut; you have to walk by every shop on the Grand Canal to get there.  However, when we got to St. Mark’s Square (site of the restaurant), we got an unexpected treat.  The Venetian trio and a troupe of singers in period garb were putting on a show in the piazza.  We took a few movies, enjoyed the singers, musicians, and jugglers, and headed back to the motel.  We walked several miles today, so we were due for a rest.
Wednesday, November 21, 2007
Not Venice, Italy -- just the Grand Canal at the Venetian in Las Vegas
Shopping for a new water feature for the garden
Hanging out with the locals
Water show at the Bellagio, to the sound of Frank Sinatra and “Guys and Dolls”