How Far Can We Go?
This is one of those days that may make us question our sanity.  We plan to go from Jackpot to Fernley, Nevada, today, so that our final day will be only about 250 miles.  This makes sense, but it means we have to cover about 369 miles by this evening.

We left Jackpot about 7:15 this morning.  By 7:30, we were 60 miles away in Wells, Nevada.  You guessed it -- we crossed into the Pacific Time Zone just south of Jackpot.  We had a great breakfast at Bella’s Espresso House, a great little diner-style restaurant with bacon and eggs that tasted great, but definitely cost more than Denny’s!  We toured the historic Front Street area, which was hit by an earthquake in 2008 and is now being demolished.  Then we fed Harley and headed west on Interstate 80.

Riding straight through Elko, we stopped again in Carlin.  (We still don’t know what that building was off the highway east of Elko with covered wagons parked in front of it.)  We got gas at Carlin and drove through town -- then remembering that we drove through this old, rustic town on the way east.  Another 100 miles, and we got gas in Winnemucca.  Because we wanted to make our quota of miles for the day, we kept running down the road to Lovelock.  The town looked more interesting than the last time we were here, so we drove around for a bit after getting gas.  Once back on the road, we decided to stop at a rest area to rest and kill time.  Otherwise, we would get to our motel for the night before check-in time.

Arriving at Fernley, we checked out the Best Western, which had a “No Vacancy” sign out front.  They didn’t look full, but...  We found a Super 8 Motel across the street and got checked in by about 2:15.  Let’s say you found pop and snack mix available in the lobby, wouldn’t your next idea be a nice, long nap?  Except for trying out the really good free wifi, napping was all we had energy for.

About 8:00 pm, we went next door to Jake’s Restaurant in the Silverado Casino for dinner.  Then back to the room and to sleep.
how far can we go?
Saturday, June 26, 2010