Cathy’s Family Gathering
Saturday, June 30, 2007
Cathy’s Family Gathering
Today was the day set aside to visit my family.  First, however, we gave Harley some much-needed attention.  Ron had determined that some of the excess noise going on was due to a loose baffle in the rear muffler.  He tried to find replacement mufflers at a dealer in Tennessee, so we could fix the bike there.  No luck; no one had them in stock.  Then he found a set at a dealer within a mile of our motel.  This we could not pass up.  
We hopped on the bike, bought the new mufflers, and brought them back to our motel.  Ron made the switch in the parking lot in about ten minutes, and then packed up the old mufflers and sent them home via UPS.  Harley sounds much better now.  Unfortunately, the mufflers Ron replaced are no longer made.  The new mufflers have the same model number, but they are no longer high performance ones, and they are actually too quiet.  This may be nice for the rest of the trip, but they don’t sound like a HARLEY -- no more rumbling into towns.  So, when we get home, Ron will weld up the old mufflers and put them back on Harley.
A little clean-up for Harley, showers for us, and we took off for the family gathering.  No, it was not a Route 66 victory party, this was a joint birthday celebration for a sister and two nephews.  Ron and I (and Harley) did steal some of the limelight, but our trip made a great conversation starter for family from three generations.  
It was great to see everyone, to enjoy a backyard barbecue, and to catch up with what my nieces and nephews are up to.  I’m impressed with how interesting and personable they have grown up to be.  My Aunt Lenore also shared stories, photos, and paintings of her recent trip to Israel.  I guess Ron and I aren’t the only ones who stay young by traveling!