What We’re Planning
Monday, March 19, 2007
What We’re Planning
Summer is coming soon, and we need to prepare...
Traveling Route 66 from Santa Monica, California, to Chicago, Illinois, on the back of a Harley Sportster is an improbable adventure, to say the least.  I guess that’s what makes the idea so exciting!
The planning itself has so many stages.  We need to take care of paperwork, insurance, and what do we do to keep from worrying about the “stuff” we leave at home.
How many bills can we pay automatically?  How do we find someone to take care of the yard while we’re gone?  Who will pick up the mail?
Ron took care of quite a few details today.  He’s started the schedule for the trip.  By backing into the dates based on being in Tennessee the first week of July, and the Chicago end of Route 66 late in the week, we end up with an itinerary that leaves Redding, California, on June 19th.  He talked to our insurance agents, and followed up on some media we want for this site.
Time to quit for today.  Getting late...
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