Headed to Heavenly
Heavenly is actually a ski resort at Lake Tahoe.  No, we’re not going there, but the title sounded interesting...
We headed out from our usual Starbucks departure point about 8:00 this morning.  It was nearing 11 o’clock when we got near Sacramento.  Even on a workday, the traffic in town is awful, so we decided to change our route and bypass the city on Interstate 80.  We stopped for gas in the historic and beautiful town of Auburn and got back on the Interstate.  At Truckee, we switched to Highway 89 and headed north.
Lunch was a stop in Truckee, about an hour from our destination.  Nothing special... we ate at Subway.
The scenery went from “nice” to “gorgeous” at this point.  It changed from high desert to mountaintops and evergreen trees.  Our main excitement was running on fumes into South Lake Tahoe.  This side of the lake has few small towns and no gas stations.  If Ron had not been good at coasting, we would probably have found out how quickly AAA responds up here!
We made it to the Timber Cove Lodge about 2:30 and got checked in.  What a great choice!  With a king-sized bed in it, the room actually looks small, but it had all the amenities we could ask for.  The view and the patio were the best!  From inside or outside the patio doors, we could look right out at the lake and our private beach.  Harley even found a parking spot where he could see the door to our room -- and the lake view.
After actually unpacking (a luxury of a two-night stay), we wandered around the property, relaxed, and scoped out a good place for dinner.  What a great choice.  Tep’s Villa Roma was practically across the street.  The atmosphere and menu were both down-home Italian, but with some high-class recipes.  Start with a salad/antipasto bar with minestrone.  Then try mushrooms stuffed with crab.  (Always check the hotel coupons; our mushrooms were free.)  Ron had salmon ravigote with sauteed spinach in a sauce so good we’re going to try to replicate it.  Cathy had veal scallopini.  With no room for dessert, we went back to the room and watched TV.
Thursday, July 23, 2009