Hot Enough for You?
Friday, June 22, 2007
Hot Enough for You?
Today went well.  We left this morning at 4:30 am. It was great to leave that early.  We had a nice cool ride -- even Harley liked it.  That was until we got to Needles, California, where we stopped for the day about 11:30 am, with temperatures reaching 116 degrees!!
When we were coming through Barstow, California, early this morning, we were only about 40 miles from the Shuttle landing site at Edwards.  Cathy has never watched the shuttle land here.  (It’s only landed at Edwards about 6 or 7 times.)  We considered making the side trip, but didn’t think the Shuttle actually would be diverted from Florida.  But it was, and we didn’t, so maybe next time...
We stopped on Route 66 in Newberry Springs to get some pictures of  the Bagdad Café and what’s left of the motel.  This is where the movie “Bagdad Café” was filmed in 1987.  This is one of our favorite cult movies, starring CCH Pounder and Jack Palance.  
Breakfast was planned for Roy’s Café in Amboy, California.  Unfortunately, Roy’s has been closed for the past three years!  The new owners plan to have it up an running again by the end of next year.  Maybe we’ll come back....
We pushed on until we made it to Needles.
I think it’s time for a nap, and then we’ll check out the pool.  Tomorrow we head for Kingman, Flagstaff, and Chambers Arizona.  With luck, it will be a little cooler, and we can make up some lost time.