Home Again... for Now...
Sunday, July 15, 2007
Home Again... for Now...
We left Minden, Nevada, about 7 am.  Twenty minutes later, we were in South Lake Tahoe.
After spending an hour or so riding around town, reliving old memories and checking out the damage from recent fires, we stopped for breakfast at Bert’s Cafe.  What a great meal!
We took the long way out of Tahoe, following the western shore of the lake north to Truckee.  Then we headed west over Donner Summit (yes, that one) and down the mountain toward home.
So, we’re home, we’re unwinding, and we’re planning where to go next.
This trip is over, but check back in a few days for our wrap-up comments.  Thanks for coming along on our trip!
We made it!  7,000 miles in 27 days!