Back to Our Roots 
(Route 66, That Is)
Monday, July 9, 2007
Back to Our Roots (Route 66, That Is)
We left Springfield, Missouri, this morning at about 6:00 am.  Deciding to return to Route 66, we discovered numerous picturesque towns from Springfield, through Kansas, toward Tulsa, Oklahoma.  We had skipped this part on the eastbound trip because of rain.
Yes, this time we found Kansas!  It was definitely worth the search.  Although this section of Route 66 is barely 13 miles long and connects only three towns, it also contains what is apparently the last surviving Rainbow Bridge on the Mother Road.
We cut off Route 66 just before Tulsa to go to Owasso, Oklahoma, to the Verizon store to replace my defective Palm  PDA/phone.  They took care of my problem in quick order.  While we were waiting for them to program the new phone, Cathy saw the Blackberry global PDA/phone.  Because they took care of us so well, Cathy now has a new phone.  It appears to be better than mine.  DAMN!!!
We took the Turnpike (75 mph) to Oklahoma City, and checked into the motel just before a major thunderstorm passed over.  I had to put Harley in the corridor of the motel so he could stay dry.  Tomorrow, we will head towards Amarillo, Texas.  Let’s hope we can stay out of the rain.