Old school aluminum annealing
Forming annealed dash housing
Formed and fabricated dash housing parts
Another view of same
Finished fabricated housing
Formed panel face
Panel set into housing
Layout for instruments, switches, and indicator LEDs
Close-up of layout
Completed housing looks pretty close to cardboard mock-up
Housing and mock-up from the rear
“Poor man’s Bridgeport” -- routing out dash panel with compound vise and drill press
Finished panel
Fabricated pieces for Kenwood GPS/stereo module
Another view
Swivel mount for GPS/stereo module
12 gauges mounted
Fabrication of circuit boards for LED indicators
Circuit boards sealed in epoxy
Upholstered housing
Back of instrument panel, with modular plugs for connection
Another view
Dash panel with digital transmission shift indicator mounted (upper right corner)
Bottom view
Instrumentation plugs
Left side
Right side
Fabricated mold for fiberglass defroster duct
Mold coated with release, ready for lay-up
First couple of lay-ups
Last color lay-up
Machining defroster vents
New defroster housing attached to old housing
MDO plywood used for dash front
MDO with burlwood laminate
Another view
Installed dash front
Upgraded air valves
Another view
Emergency brake bezel
Steering column bezel with seal
Fabricated trim ring for steering column
MDO dash top ready for upholstery
Another view
Trial fit of pieces
Upholstered dash top, which matches seat material
Another view, with GPS swivel mounted
All pieces installed for trial fit
Finished dash
Finished dash operational
Outside view of finished dash
Finished dash -- center console still a mock-up
Another view, with dash on
Updated cruise control and wiper switch
Power, iPod, USB (for Kenwood unit), and serial port (for engine programming)
Another view
Cockpit finished, except for console, carpet, and GPS/stereo system